Sacre Coeur Walking Tours

Montmartre is a uniquely picturesque part of Paris, very specific, because it has been a village located outside the city for decades. Unfortunately, many just walk the stairs up to the Sacred Heart and miss the core of Montmartre.

How can you get the real Montmartre? The best way is no doubt to walk up there, specially from Blanche metro station, then, you want to forget the map in your hand and just walk and turn right or left whenever you feel like it. The true spirit of Montmartre can be approach only at this price.

Since ever Montmartre has been the home of artists and eccentric people seeking for freedom. On this very little part of Paris there are many treasure to be found, but there is one rule only: don’t follow the crowd!


To give you the best experience of the most celebrated neighborhood of Paris, a young company have designed very special tours: the concept is simple: See Paris with a local. Those guided tours in English will give you all the aspect of the true Paris: from the meaningful history, to the present events. They reveal the best address of the hill, and every thing you need to feel like a real Parisian. Try those young and energetic guides that will give you the real taste of the city.

All the info about times and dates are HERE for a Montmartre tour with a local. They will take you from the Moulin Rouge to the Sacred Heart, by sneaking into side-streets full of surprises, showing you the homes of the most famous French artists and singers, introducing you to the paradox lying in the district: how can Montmartre be the craziest and the most peaceful place in Paris at the same time?


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